Grassel’s Short Takes on Health-Innovation-Jobs


Eating healthy, moving our bodies, participating in family & society, and getting outside lead us all to better health, happiness and wealth.

We are very fortunate to live where so many natural resources and outdoor activities are abundantly available. We should realize that fresh food and sunshine are medicine just like prescriptions and over the counter medicines are.

When we can’t take care of ourselves, we can turn to the medical professionals in our communities. We have state of the art medical schools and facilities across the state.

Wellness can be achieved with the right components being activated. Focusing on our state’s health will lead to many other great things.


Change is inevitable so why not be innovative to make change fun!

More and more we are living in a digital world. With our district’s APEX Learning Center, excellent schools, growing economy, top performing educators, and successful business partners, our community generates innovative ideas and people.

It is truly an exciting time to be an Iowan and learn, live, and work here!


Creation of higher-paying jobs, led by careers and education in STEM: Science> Technology> Engineering> Mathematics will lower our tax needs on a per individual average.

Having a larger, wealthier tax base will reduce our taxes in the long run by spreading them out amongst more people. For more about STEM, visit this link.

With the automation of so many processes through the digital revolution we are in, there will be jobs available in the future that we never thought possible. We must embrace thinking outside the box and the possibility of failing from time to time. The Abraham Lincolns’ and Steve Jobs of the world were not successful at everything they attempted. No one is.

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